Dear HR: Online Job Applications Take Too Long!

September 27, 2017 Jonathan Kidder No comments exist

If you have tried looking for a job lately, you know how painful the application process can be. On average, it takes the job seeker six to seven weeks to find a new position. That is a significant amount of time looking at countless websites and job boards.

Think of how many jobs they applied to or started to apply to with over a month of searching! Looking for a new job is a job and is extremely time intensive. This means that applicants will likely become more selective when it comes to spending their time applying.



Applying for jobs takes too long. If it takes longer than five minutes job seekers won’t apply. According to the Society of Human Resources Management, the number of abandoned job applications is around sixty percent! Consider all the potential candidates that could be interested in your openings, only to not follow through with the application.

People are used to getting instant gratification. If your site is slow and requires a high amount of fields to populate, they will just move to the next opening. We just don’t have time to spend on applications that are cumbersome and frustrating.

Recruiters, to get an insight into what your candidates are experiencing, try and apply for one of your positions. Now, envision that from an applicant’s perspective. Depending on the requirements, it can take over thirty minutes to apply for a job opening. Couple the lengthy application process with the fact that after taking all that time to apply they may never hear back about the job and it really has a negative effect on that job seeker. Candidate experience really matters and the application process is the first step in their journey.



The good news is that there are some ways you can improve the experience candidates have when applying to your positions. If the application takes too long or doesn’t work properly, maybe it’s time to upgrade your Applicant Tracking System.

There are tons of options on the market and several that take the experience from daunting to quick and relatively painless. Make sure you choose one that has great reviews and will offer you a demo to make sure it will work for what you need.

If you aren’t keen on investing in a new ATS, consider making your career site more mobile friendly. The amount of job seekers using their phones to search and apply is the highest it has ever been due to the amount of people with smart phones. Reconfiguring your site to make it easy to apply from your phone would be a huge feature.

Another option is investing in a company like WizardSourcer to source candidates for you. This will reduce the amount of time you spend sourcing applicants. By outsourcing your sourcing, you will have more time to focus on candidate experience. Don’t rely on your ATS alone to produce high quality talent. Have an additional resource on your side to help counteract the loss of applicants your site may be creating.

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