Posted by Jonathan Kidder on July 4, 2017

Say goodbye to Chrome extensions on LinkedIn. Say hello to Sourcers!

LinkedIn, it’s the absolute best source for finding your next hire right? Did you know that LinkedIn recently updated their terms of service? This directly affects those who use Chrome extensions to find contact information for users. What happens when they try? They are getting their LinkedIn profiles shut down. So sorry, but it’s true!

Posted by Jonathan Kidder on June 29, 2017

Think Recruiters and Sourcers Are One and The Same? Think Again!

Recruiters find candidates and deal with hiring managers right? If you are in the recruiting industry or are a hiring manager you likely have some knowledge of the fact that there are sourcers and recruiters but did you know these are two very different roles? There are definitely some similarities and overlap in job function,

Posted by Jonathan Kidder on May 27, 2016

How to Send A Text Message Using Email

  I recently discovered this sourcing hack while getting a demo of a text messaging platform. After getting an expensive bid I figured that I better do some research on my own. After I did some digging I discovered a free solution! You can send a text message through an email account. Below is the

Posted by Jonathan Kidder on April 20, 2016

3 Ways To Make A Culture Authentic

Many companies take pride in their company culture, and many even overemphasize it ad nauseum. This may come off has non-genuine or even phony. A new employee may have been sold on the benefits and EVPs of the company altogether. But what happens when the perks and shiny newness wear off? If the company culture doesn’t live

Posted by Jonathan Kidder on April 17, 2016

Let’s Make Sourcing Great Again

Funny how things have changed – Sourcing has become a very debated topic in the recruiting field. I find it interesting to see companies starting to see the value in adding Sourcers. Most companies don’t fully understand what Sourcers do. So, how can we make Sourcing great again? This post will be random, but just

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