4 Ways To Become A Wizard Sourcer

April 14, 2016 Jonathan Kidder 1 comment

I’ve been fortunate in my career to have met many top Sourcers in the field. They’ve shared many tips and tricks on finding the best talent. One thing that I’ve always found fascinating is that once you get to know most Sourcers, they genuinely enjoy sharing knowledge. I’ve always encouraged newer Sourcers to share and train others. Being an effective Sourcer takes time — you cannot master everything in a few months or even a year. You need to take chances and sometimes fail. That’s how successful Sourcers grow in their careers. The daily grind of sourcing and recruiting can sometimes wear you down. It’s about being positive, knowing your limits, and setting daily goals! With all that in mind I’ve created 4 ways to become a Wizard Sourcer. 


Boolean Strings

Lately the trend has been to “bash” boolean sourcing. Many people in the sourcing community have been disowning boolean altogether. They claim it no longer matters and that the real sourcing is all about contacting and engaging candidates. I’ve heard people declaring boolean the calligraphy of the recruiting field. I don’t see advanced boolean ever going away.  Basic boolean might – you now can generate many basics strings with Recruitin.net and Social Talent tools. Long advanced strings can really turn an average Sourcer into a master. It’s all about getting creative and looking outside the box– not relying on resume database sites. In summary, I feel in order to master sourcing you must master boolean.


Effective Messaging

If you have a computer and phone, you can be a recruiter. I’ve heard many senior level recruiters joke about this saying. We have a lot of green recruiters and Sourcers in the field. Anyone can say they are in staffing. Is there a real difference between the newbies and the pros? Of course! This can be seen in your inmails and emails. Believe it or not, candidates can spot spam! They can see how much effort you put into your messages. Taking the time to review and showcase that individual’s successes or other accomplishments can really make the difference. Don’t focus on the quantity of messages instead focus on your inmail response rate. Quality really defines success in the field. Don’t cut and paste templates. Value their time and give them gold.


Cold Calling

If it was easy, everyone would do it. When I first started in the field I got nervous cold calling candidates. I would over-think every detail. I was really too worried about getting a negative response, and went into the call shaky and too cold. I needed to focus on my pitch and put myself in their shoes. Most talent is actively being recruited all the time, so make sure your pitch and follow through approach is solid. You need to memorize the EVP and value adds for your company. Showcase the incentives: salary, career growth, benefits, company culture, etc. Once you have everything ready you’ll be able to flow through a screening smoothly. Before you know it, those cold calls will become second nature. 


Candidate Experience

I feel this topic gets overlooked. Many contract agency and staffing firms don’t take the time to create a good candidate experience. The stakes are high with lots of jobs to fill and it can easily get lost in the mix. Being in constant communication throughout the entire full-cycle process is huge! Just being honest and direct with a candidate will do wonders. Also, after the position gets filled or closed – it’s always important to follow up the other candidates. Just sending them a simple thank you email letting them know that the position was filled shows that you value their time. The small things matter in the end. A poor candidate experience can be damaging and have a long lasting impact — people remember negative experiences.

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1 Comment on “4 Ways To Become A Wizard Sourcer

  1. However, sending a thank you note with false or ir-relvant information on why someone’s candidature did not progess further can backfire spectacularly.

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