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WizardSourcer is an inbound candidate leads service. Instead of hiring a Sourcer to search for active talent, we bring you the convenience of a sourcing team at a fraction of the cost. Our U.S. based team of Sourcers can search and find talent that cannot easily be found on job database sites. Don't waste any more money on job posting sites where you get applicants who are not qualified and who don't fit the basic requirements. Instead, use our team of Sourcers who have the skills and tools to source and find the right talent. We have experience working on nationwide searches and already have talent pipelines created for many different types of industries. You will receive a list of candidates with contact information. You can then contact and screen the sourced candidates, or for an additional fee our team can engage them. Check out our process and review a sample project here. To get started you can submit a sourcing request for a free quote.


How Does WizardSourcer Work?

  step 1          

  1. Submit job description.
  2. Add skills requirements.
  3. Include intake notes.
  4. Include location and zip code.


 step 2               

  1. Select leads package size.
  2. Submit final documents.
  3. The team will review the project.
  4. Receive payment confirmation.

 step 3                 

  1. Receive the excel list of candidates.
  2. Review and supply feedback.
  3. Start engaging the candidates.
  4. Fill jobs faster!