How to Send A Text Message Using Email

May 27, 2016 Jonathan Kidder 4 comments


I recently discovered this sourcing hack while getting a demo of a text messaging platform. After getting an expensive bid I figured that I better do some research on my own. After I did some digging I discovered a free solution! You can send a text message through an email account. Below is the steps to create and send a recruiting text messaging campaign:

  1. First you will need to have the individual’s number. You’re a master sourcer – it’s not that complicated to find it! 😉
  2. Go to this website: and paste the number.
  3. Once you click (search) you will be able to see the carrier company and SMS Gateway Address. For example:
  4. Copy the SMS Gateway Address and go to your email.
  5. Paste that in the send (to:) section of the email. Make sure your message is less than 20 words and click send.

Boom! It’s that easy to send out a free text message using email.


Its just that simple to start creating recruiting text messaging campaigns. I usually utilize both text and email at once and try to direct them to call me back directly. My response rates have gone up dramatically in the past few months (70-80%). I hope this tip helps you, fellow sourcer. 😉



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4 Comments on “How to Send A Text Message Using Email

  1. Wow.
    I’m definitely gonna try this!
    I’ve simply been using the “send email as text” functionality within Outlook. When one creates an email, there’s a little icon near the top that asks this question.
    The best help your post offers is that you’re hitting them from 2 directions simultaneously, email & text. Smart move. Makes them feel wanted.
    However, I’ll never agree with or do a campaign. They wreak of us Sourcers sounding… Heartless. And our core group isn’t. Unfortunately, as Shally told me years ago, taking that huge chunk of time to caring enough to read about them w/ genuine interest and incorporating that into each email is authentic. That’s me! BUT, like he added, I’ll likely get fired for the lack of patience of clients.
    So, I sometimes get fired but it’ll never distract me from using these new methods, like you, thinking outside our box, and hoping against failure.
    I’m amazed at the incredible increase in your response rate.
    As usual, u roc.


    1. Hi Marcel, that number might be a landline number or private number. Also, this may only work in the U.S. 🙁

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