Exploring the World’s Largest People Search Engine: Pipl Pro

February 9, 2018 Jonathan Kidder No comments exist

I recently came across this tool during a discussion on the Recruiting Leaders group on Facebook. Someone was trying to get more info on Pipl search engines Pro version. I honestly didn’t realize Pipl offered a paid version I’ve been using the free version for a couple years now. As of 2017 – Pipl quietly launched a full PRO version of there services (More info here).


Pipl is actually the largest People Search Engine in the world, providing users with the ability to search over 3 billion people worldwide. Basically, they index information from millions of sources and provide users with the ability to connect online identities with real people. They help banks, insurance and e-commerce help with identity verification to reduce fraud. Only within the past few years have recruiters and sourcers have been using Pipl search for finding candidate contact information. So, with the permission of Pipl I’ve been granted full access to test out Pipl Pro version. 


Here’s what you can search on Pipl Pro:

  • Name: (First then last name).
  • Email Address:  use this to cross reference for additional information.
  • Using Usernames: This is an unique identifier for finding someones info based off username ID’s. Such as (username@linkedin, Username@facebook, Username@twitter). It can track different IP’s and find that individuals contact information. Just copy the URL from LinkedIn or Facebook and paste in the Pipl Pro search bar and the Pipl pro will give you an immediate response. For example: my Facebook ID is Facebook.com/JonathanEdwardKidder – you can find my contact information when you copy and paste my ID into the search bar.
  • Phone Number: (area code and phone number, country code not necessary, just remember the more info the better the result).
  • There is an advance search: you can find the advanced search in 2 places. When you type in for example a name and search look to the left of the screen and look for more options click more options, you will also notice you can search by regions and ages on the left. Once you click advanced searches see how the screen allows for more detailed info.


A complete Profile will look something like this:

My final thoughts on Pipl Pro

I’ve been able to demo Pipl pro for about a week now. I am truly amazed by what this tool can do. I would say it was at least 80% accurate for finding cell numbers and email addresses. If you have budget the first level accounts cost $99-149 for 200 searches a month and it’s definitely worth the value.


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