20 Alternative Tools to Replace Rapportive

January 29, 2018 Jonathan Kidder No comments exist


Are you missing Rapportive yet? Yes, LinkedIn shocked many users be removing Rapportive and replacing it with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. For while Rapportive was the hottest tool for verifying and cross-referencing email addresses to user profiles on LinkedIn. I was using this tool every single day and I certainly at a loss for words when they decided to remove it from the chrome store.


Thankfully, there are many alternatives ways to replace all of Rapportives features. For example: verifying email addresses, cross referencing LinkedIn, and CRM capabilities. Unfortunately, from my experience none of these examples can completely replace rapportive altogether but at least we have some options moving forward. Good to point out – only download one extension at a time. Individually test them out and if one works fine then stick with it.


Below are 20 tools to replace Rapportive features:


Clearbit Connect  (Paid) This extension helps find employee email addresses for any company and display useful contextual data for anyone who emails you. You can easily cross reference someone’s email to a users LinkedIn profile.


Accompany (Paid) This extension pulls information from all over the web to give you rich profiles on everyone in your inbox. Everything you need to know about the sender, right next to their message. Hover over anyone’s name to learn more and discover someones social media profiles with one click.


Pipl (Free) You can check and see if the email is verified and cross reference social media profiles for free using this people search engine. Just paste the email in pipl’s search bar to get started.


Spokeo (Paid) You can confirm and verify emails and also cross reference social media profiles in spokeos database. Simply use someones name, email, cell number, or land-line to find more for information. 


FullContact (Paid) This extension allows you to open a thread to see a full profile of the sender including photo, job title, location, & social links. They also have great CRM capabilities as well.


360 Social (Free) This extension gives a complete picture of the people you want to connect with by providing real-time and verified information in a neatly structured Sidebar. It allows you to see LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter profiles based of someones email address. 


Discoverly (Free) This extension lets you see contacts’ work info, mutual connections and tweets. You can cross reference someones LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles. I’ve experience some issues in the past with this tool however it’s still worth exploring further. 


Strike (Paid) This extension lets you see a contact’s: Name, designation, & location. You can also see social profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or AngelList). It also has tracking, CRM, and sales management capabilities as well.


Evercontact (Free) This one was originally named Senders. They removed the cross-referencing capabilities and turned this one into a high powered CRM tool. Overall, it’s just worth researching further.


Lead411 (Free) This extension helps to find anyone’s email in gmail, send automated emails in gmail and find contact information while browsing the web. Very similar features to rapportive and it’s worth further view. 


Unomy (Free) This extensions gives you company intelligence based on someone’s corporate email address. It’s a quick way to get valuable market intel on a company website domain.


Klenty (Free) It’s basically like an email finder. Find Official Email Id of prospects with First Name, Last Name & Domain Name information. It also offers tracking and CRM capabilities too.


MailTester (Free) This site allows you to confirm and verify someone’s email addresses. I live and die by this tool. It’s been extremely useful for me and I highly recommend it for verifying email addresses. 


Insightly (Free) CRM extension that helps you create and view Leads, contacts, organizations, opportunities and Projects in Insightly. Create and assign tasks manage events, search for insightly records, save Important emails, & attachments.


RocketBolt (Paid) This extension tracks emails and it also gets contact info: Get instant access to social profiles and additional contact info of the people you’re emailing so you can personalize your message.


Prosperworks CRM (Free) This extension is a CRM tool but it also gives you company information based off corporate email address. You can also verify email addresses.


Toutapp.com (Paid) This extensions adds Email & Attachment Tracking, Templates and Scheduling into Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce. Basically, it’s a high powered sales CRM management tool.


Nimble (Free) The Nimble Smart Contacts App enables you to view social profiles, streams and signals related to that contact from a single screen. The app automatically pulls and displays your complete communication history of social messages, emails, notes, and events for every contact in Nimble.


HubSpot Sales (Free) HubSpot Sales helps you uncover more leads in less time, connect with those leads, and close deals faster while managing all your contacts in one central database. And it’s free to get started. This tool also has helps verify and confirm email addresses info.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Free) This is rapportives replacement and unfortunately it’s just not the same. They are still fixing all the glitches/errors with this new tool and for awhile it wasn’t even loading for me. 

This extension will let you: see rich LinkedIn profile data for your contacts directly in your Gmail, and use that knowledge when you reach out next. Mention ice-breakers, including shared connections, experiences, and interests, to build rapport with your contacts. Hover over any email address anywhere in your message to quickly view their profile to stay informed on who’s who.


Bonus Tip: Put an personal email address into the Facebook search bar. If the email has a registered user connected to that email it will sync with that users ID profile.


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