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October 11, 2017 Jonathan Kidder No comments exist

The first step in a recruitment strategy is building a complete talent sourcing funnel. I have laid out each step in the process from initial searching to eventually getting a hire. Finding and qualifying leads takes time and WizardSourcer helps deliver qualified leads. Getting targeted prospects will help speed up the sourcing process and help you get a hire faster. I recommend checking out Glen Cathey’s Candidate Sourcing Funnel Calculator. This provides a way to measure your complete talent sourcing funnel conversion rates.


Here are the steps in building a talent sourcing funnel:


Leads: Initial search

Depending on the niche skill set or the demands of the hiring manager, sometimes you get stuck in the trenches. This initial search can take an immense amount of time. If you have exceptionally large req loads or don’t have the extra time, Wizard Sourcer can really cut down the time it takes to search for candidate leads.


Prospects: Finding qualified leads

This is where WizardSourcer can really add value. With our leads service we cut down the time it takes it get to this step. It’s easy to find leads– it’s hard finding qualified prospects. This will cut down the overall time and energy in the sourcing leads process.


Candidates: Engaging leads

With our leads service you can jump right to engaging those lead prospects. Once you engage and qualify those leads over a initial screen these leads become engaged candidates. Our team can also do full cycle recruiting. For a retained search fee we can call and qualify each prospect lead.


Applicants: Submitting candidates

After screening the candidates, the next step is having them directly apply for your position. These candidates then become applicants in your ATS database. At this point you submit those applicants to the hiring manager for interviews. Depending on how the applicants do, you sometimes have to jump back to candidate or prospect stages. With WizardSourcer you’ll spend less time in the leads/prospecting stages and get right to engaging candidates.


Hire: Getting a hire

WizardSourcer helps cut down the time and effort it takes to find and source leads. We make the process efficient, saving you both time and money. We help you fill jobs faster!

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