Say goodbye to Chrome extensions on LinkedIn. Say hello to Sourcers!

July 4, 2017 Jonathan Kidder 5 comments

LinkedIn, it’s the absolute best source for finding your next hire right? Did you know that LinkedIn recently updated their terms of service? This directly affects those who use Chrome extensions to find contact information for users. What happens when they try? They are getting their LinkedIn profiles shut down.

So sorry, but it’s true! LinkedIn is tying the hands of users trying find candidates in a time efficient way to boost the use of the tools they offer with a hefty price tag. The good news is that there is another option! Why not try sourcers to help you find the talent you need? Branch out from LinkedIn and add these tech savvy investigators to your arsenal.

Recruiters Have Less Tools

According to Emily Vallerie, it’s a fact that recruiters don’t have (chrome) extensions to find users contact info anymore. LinkedIn has been cracking down on the ability to use extensions that help recruiters weed out people they aren’t interested in seeing, namely other recruiters. LinkedIn apparently doesn’t like that feature and is disabling accounts that they find that use these types of tools. This makes it more difficult for recruiters to search for the candidates they need in the limited time they have.

Other options like Inmail messaging on LinkedIn are expensive and don’t necessarily work like they used to. Many people even turn off notifications or ignore Inmail messages on LinkedIn all together. An Inmail message from a recruiter likely gets a response of delete because people don’t generally like to be sold directly, it feels spammy. Instead of paying money on LinkedIn tools that likely won’t provide the return on investment you are hoping for, try investing in a sourcer.

Soucers can be the end all solution!

Sourcers search for a living and know the ins and outs of finding the right candidates. They know how to execute a deep dive search for contact information. These professionals are trained in other ways to find passive candidates and their contact information with resources like boolean and other searches outside of LinkedIn. This helps make Sourcers roles even more impactful, offering an expertise that is desperately needed as sources like LinkedIn make it more difficult for recruiters to find qualified candidates.

Sourcers roles are becoming more vital for a Talent Acquisitions team’s success moving forward. You will need recruiters to develop and cultivate relationships with hiring managers but also need sourcers in the background with the subject matter expertise and technical skills to find candidates.

The best models don’t expect one person to have a skillset and the time to do both. It’s actually quite difficult to be the face to the hiring managers who want constant communication and to have the time to also do the searching that they require to find the candidates they want! Split up the jobs and let the experts shine where their skillsets are the strongest. In the end the client wins by getting high quality and interested candidates, without LinkedIn profiles being shut down!

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5 Comments on “Say goodbye to Chrome extensions on LinkedIn. Say hello to Sourcers!

  1. Well overall good post, and I do agree sourcers need to learn the basics and know how to do these things without tools, as tools come and go, That said not all tools and Ext are no no with regards to LI, and we need to make sure that sourcers know that. The statement “it’s a fact that recruiters don’t have (chrome) extensions to find users contact info anymore.” is untrue as some are okay some ar enot.

    1. Wow, Dean thank you for taking the time to write on our post. Yes, maybe I have read too much into the mass hysteria of the recent chrome crisis news. From what I was told from a LinkedIn rep – they will continue to dismantle these types of third party extensions. Some will continue to work – but the majority will eventually be unable to work with LinkedIn. I’m hoping that I’m wrong with this statement. In the meantime – I feel that a Sourcers role will become even more valuable to a recruiting teams success! Cheers, Jonathan.

    1. Right now – users have only had issues with ContactOut. You can still use other extensions like Lusha or Hiretual at this point. However, I would use discretion when using these types of tools. I’ve been locked out of LinkedIn for viewing too many profiles in the past. I’m sure LinkedIn will continue to crack down on these third party extensions. Thanks for checking out our blog! 🙂 Jonathan

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