What the Netflix Show GLOW taught me about Recruiting

July 13, 2017 Jonathan Kidder 1 comment

If you haven’t seen the latest binge-worthy show from Netflix, you’re missing out! Glow is set in the 1980s and focuses on the world of women’s wrestling. Basically, the show is about how a rich mogul and a film director come together to create a Saturday morning women’s wrestling show. A significant part of the first season of this show centers around around finding and recruiting top acting and wrestling talent in the LA market. Here are some areas in which I felt this fictional story can apply to real-life recruiting:


[Posting the Job Opportunity]

In the show the director posted an opportunity in the local paper. In the 1980’s that was the best place to recruit and find applicants. You need to fish for talent in the right pools – right now that’s LinkedIn. I encourage you to post all your positions directly on LinkedIn. In the show they also asked for referrals from other talent agencies. You can do the same by asking your network for referrals. The best place to do that is on social media. Sourcing talent has drastically changed since the 80’s and it’s important to not do the same things that you have done in the past. You need to be open to change and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in recruiting in order to be successful.


[They Sought out Personality]

Just like in the show – any candidate can have the perfect head shot and resume. Many of the actresses who answered the casting call looked good on paper, but just couldn’t make it work in the world of women’s wrestling. Look for personality and drive, and someone who fits well with the company culture.


[Can the Applicant Tell a Story]

Each wrestler presented a story about who they were. The same applies to recruiting applicants.Can the applicant deliver a short elevator speech? Can they describe in simple terms what they’ve done and accomplished in their careers? If they can’t give you their story, that’s a strong indicator that they might struggle with the job descriptions requirements.


[Finding Passion]

Is this your dream job? The answer should be “yes”. It’s important to find applicants who enjoy where they work. Finding someone with passion and drive should be very important.  If they are not challenged or not excited about their role, odds are that they will not last long at your company. Millennials want to work for a company that both challenges them and gives them purpose. It’s good to ask applicants about their passions or hobbies. It can be a good indicator of the enthusiasm they may bring to a particular role.


[Training for the Job]

In the show the wrestlers trained on a daily basis. Your company needs to have a training program in every department, and a comprehensive on-boarding process. You will fail your new employees by not creating structure, or by improper or neglectful training. A good training program will help improve morale and an employee’s participation at work. It will help them feel confident and self-assured, and it will also help the company’s goals and objectives for the future.

Bringing it all together. Find someone who shares the company’s mission and goals. The person could have the perfect background and yet miss the most important mark: Passion.


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