Let’s Make Sourcing Great Again

April 17, 2016 Jonathan Kidder No comments exist

Funny how things have changed – Sourcing has become a very debated topic in the recruiting field. I find it interesting to see companies starting to see the value in adding Sourcers. Most companies don’t fully understand what Sourcers do. So, how can we make Sourcing great again? This post will be random, but just like figure skating I’ll finish with a final pose. You can applaud me at the end.


Lately, I’ve been getting weekly copy and paste inmails inquiring about career opportunities. I picture it like a cartoon: a recruiter going into a large sporting complex with a microphone and yelling “does anyone want to be a recruiter?” at the crowd. So with that in your head – recruiters don’t know the difference between a Sourcer and Recruiter.


Before you start patting yourself on the back for an inmail, you should to realize there’s a genuine and heated discussion happening in our nerd community. Is a Sourcer an entry level Recruiter, or is a Sourcer a Recruiter altogether? Does a Sourcer contact the candidate at all? Simply put– it all depends.


Do we need to create safe zones for Sourcers? These questions come up time and again. Most Sourcers can’t agree on a definition, and I’m fine with that. I like having a hybrid Sourcing, Recruiting, and Employer Branding job title. I basically pitched my company on a hybrid role. It’s all about being creative and not fitting within the recruiter mold. Sourcers are special and we know it.


*Cue the applause*

There’s no wrong answer. It’s about taking risks and failing forward.



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