Intake Questionnaire Form

In order to source and find the right talent you must have effective communication with your hiring manager. We’ve given you a list of questions to ask during your intake meeting. Our team would ask similar questions if we needed additional information.


  1. What are the top responsibilities for this role?
  1. What are the teams or departments that this person will work with?
  1. Which skills are required vs. preferred?
  1. Are you looking for a specific number of years of experience in different areas of expertise?
  1. Is it critical to have industry experience for this role?
  1. Is there a specific certification needed for this role? If yes, describe the certification.
  1. Is a degree required? If yes, what type of degree is required.
  1. What is the ideal personality for someone in this role?
  1. Is there someone at the company who would be a good example of someone that could fill this role?
  1. Any target companies we should source from?
  1. Where will this position be located?
  1. Are we willing to pay for relocation packages?
  1. What is the budget for salary for this role?
  1. Will this role require traveling? How much on average?
  1. Any additional information about the company – benefits or other incentives?