How to Find Sourcer & Recruiter Jobs

July 8, 2017 Jonathan Kidder 2 comments

Many recruiters have come to ask my advice on finding jobs. Ironic, isn’t it? I had a call last week from a past coworker who asked if I could source him a new role. It really gave me a good laugh. In the spirit of helping my colleagues in their job search, I decided to write a blog post about everything I’ve used in the past to find Sourcer/Recruiter job leads.

[Google Alerts]

Create different google alerts based off keyword searches. Every time a new Sourcer or Recruiter role gets posted, you receive an email update. This really helps to save you time, and ensure that you are in the know as soon as a new position is posted.

[Google Jobs]

Through Google Jobs you can subscribe to different types of job opportunities. It is easy to set this up and every time a new Sourcer or Recruiter role gets posted – you would know about it.

[Google Sites]

Create a website using Google Sites, and use it to post your resume. This would help with SEO rankings. Here’s mine, for example (Resume Site).


Indicate via your LinkedIn profile that you are open to new opportunities. This is an easy way to let recruiters know that you are willing to hearing about new roles. This dramatically increases your chances of finding opportunities via LinkedIn.


Post your resume on Indeed. Indeed is probably the best comprehensive resume database out there. This also helps with SEO. If a recruiter searches for you using your name or location, it will give them another avenue to reach out to you directly.

[Contact Info]

Make it easy for recruiters to contact you! Post your current email address and cell number on your LinkedIn profile. Make it easy for them to make an introduction directly. It’s such a simple way to get more contacts.

[Source for Recruiters]

Research companies in your area. LinkedIn lets you see who posts the opportunity and I recommend connecting with them directly. You can even send them an introduction inmail.

[Facebook Groups]

Recruiters post opportunities to these types of groups. I recommend connecting with different sourcing and recruiting groups on Facebook. I constantly see opportunities in these groups. It’s also a great way to connect with those recruiters directly.

Please use my ideas! I’ve found them to be very successful. The staffing space can have it’s ups and downs. If you ever need help you can always contact me directly for opportunities.

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