Why was it created?
WizardSourcer was created on the basic principal that it takes time and effort to build an active talent pipeline. Recruiters spend an immense amount of time sourcing for leads, creating a funnel of candidates through the full-cycle process. This process not only takes time, but costs money from posting job ads to messaging candidates. This is where everyone can benefit from the sourcer-recruiter partnership. WizardSourcer delivers qualified candidates leads. Making the recruiters job faster and more efficient. We can contact and screen the candidates for an additional fee. (You can request a quote on the sourcing request page).


Recommendations for using WizardSourcer.

We recommend that you use our services right after you post the job description and have intake notes from the hiring manager. This will provide adequate information to find the right candidates. Our team will be in constant communication throughout this process. If we need additional information, we’ll request an intake meeting. Here’s an example of an intake questionnaire form to get you started.


What will you receive? 

A detailed Excel spreadsheet of sourced, highly qualified talent specifically tailored to the needs of the role. The candidates will be organized and ready for your team to contact and screen them. The search parameters will be kept within a 30 mile radius of the zip code provided unless otherwise requested. You will have the chance to review these candidates to make sure that they are a good fit for the role. Our top priority is delivering the right candidates to fill jobs faster. Depending on the industry and package size the average completion time will range from 2-3 days. Our team will be communicating with you throughout the entire process. We’ll ask for feedback back on each candidate. Below is a screenshot of the layout:


Example Sourcing Project
WizardSourcer template layout


What is a sourcer?
A sourcer’s main job is to lighten the burden of the recruitment team during the full cycle process. We actively and creatively search for passive and inactive candidates online. We partner with recruiters on the intake meeting, making sure they have all the necessary information needed to find the right type of candidates. In short, sourcers don’t just deliver candidates, they deliver the right ones.


If I have a strong recruitment team, why do I need WizardSourcer?

WizardSourcer works optimally in partnership with recruiters. We save recruiters time and energy that pertains to posting jobs, searching for the right applicant, and scouring resume database sites. Unfortunately, most top tier talent don’t post their resumes online. They are usually employed and not necessarily looking for their next opportunity. Our team of sourcers have many years of experience in the field building and engaging talent. They know how to zero in on top tier candidates.


How can I hire a Sourcer full-time?

We do offer contract (remote) Sourcers. We realize that WizardSourcer is for small to mid-sized projects, and you may be looking for someone to source full-time. WizardSourcer has a great network in place and could help with recommendations. We have a variety of (U.S. based) Sourcers who specialize in many different industries (Information Technology, Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Start-ups etc). You can reach out to us on our contact page.  If you would like to hire our founder for a full-time or contract Sourcer opportunity you can view his resume here.