Posted by Jonathan Kidder on October 21, 2017

Need Help With Candidate Leads?

The current job market has been on the rise making it even more competitive in the hunt to find and source top candidates. I’ve been an active Sourcer for the past 6 years and during my time have built many great relationships with recruiters. The one thing they always bring up is increasing difficulty in

Posted by Jonathan Kidder on October 18, 2017

5 Effective Ways To Attract Passive Candidates Over Email

Believe it or not, posting a job and waiting for candidates to apply is not a great way to find the best talent. Sure– you may get lucky from time to time. More than likely though you will be pretty disappointed. Many people who aren’t actively looking would be open to the right opportunity. Even if

Posted by Jonathan Kidder on October 11, 2017

Build A Talent Sourcing Funnel

The first step in a recruitment strategy is building a complete talent sourcing funnel. I have laid out each step in the process from initial searching to eventually getting a hire. Finding and qualifying leads takes time and WizardSourcer helps deliver qualified leads. Getting targeted prospects will help speed up the sourcing process and help

Posted by Jonathan Kidder on October 2, 2017

5 Tips from a LinkedIn Recruiter Power User.

Over the past 11 months on LinkedIn I have performed 1,120 searches, had 13,837 profile views, and send 1,920 inmails.  686 accepted my inmails and 118 declined with an overall response rate of 41.87%. Overall, I have never performed this many searches in my career using LinkedIn Recruiter. I can literally say that I’m logged

Posted by Jonathan Kidder on September 27, 2017

Dear HR: Online Job Applications Take Too Long!

If you have tried looking for a job lately, you know how painful the application process can be. On average, it takes the job seeker six to seven weeks to find a new position. That is a significant amount of time looking at countless websites and job boards. Think of how many jobs they applied

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