WizardSourcer: Hire a Sourcing Team.

WizardSourcer was created to support independent, in-house, and agency recruiters with their sourcing needs. Sourcing takes an immense amount of time and can really slow down the process for recruiters– that’s why many companies have started hiring Sourcers to join their teams. We can support your recruiting efforts, saving you both time and money. Our team works on individual job-requisitions, so when your team is in a crunch or needs assistance with hard to fill reqs we can help! Our team has already supported many different types of companies; primarily in Information Technology, Engineering, Marketing, and Finance. We have the sourcing tools and experience to help fill your reqs. Below are services that we can offer you.


Candidate leads.

If you need candidate leads with personal contact information — we can make that happen. All we need to get started is a complete job description with intake notes. We provide leads that you can contact and then submit for your requisition. We charge $500 for 40-50 qualified applicants leads, which includes confirmed contact information.


Sourcing candidates.

Maybe you don’t have time to call and qualify your candidate leads? Our team can source and pre-screen the applicants over the phone! We will still source 40-50 candidates and we will then contact and screen them directly. For this service we charge $500 plus an acquisition fee depending on the salary/comp range. Select engage & screen leads on the sourcing request page and we’ll send over a confidential search contract to get the process started.


Creating a talent pipeline.

Perhaps you’re always having difficulty finding applicants in a niche area? Well, we can help create a talent pipeline! You provide us with a list of niche skill sets and other requirements and we can search and source those types of candidates for your pipeline. We will give you a list of candidates with confirmed contact details, and you can use this list to start reaching out to that talent pool. We charge $500 for 40-50 leads. Simply submit a sourcing request to get started.


What makes WizardSourcer different?

We have the tools and skills to find and qualify the best talent in your market. We believe strongly that our services will save you both time and money! We employ the best Sourcers in the U.S. market. We have the communication and personal skills to find and attract the best applicants, and have experience in a wide range of industries.


Give us a Shot!

We will deliver the most qualified applicants in the market. Our services are cost efficient and highly valued. Any individual recruiter or talent acquisition can use our services, and we can support any type of team. Feel free to submit a sourcing request below.


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